Creating Automated Birthday Emails

What's Changed?

The way birthday communications are created has changed. They are now handled by our new "Automated" communications, which are designed to accommodate a wide range of automated scenarios. However if you already use birthday communications then don't worry. All your communications will have automatically been converted to Automated communications.


Creating a Birthday Email (or SMS)

Previously a communication became a "birthday" communication if it included a birthday offer. So with a birthday offer attached, the communication would automatically be sent to customers 14 days ahead of their birthday.

Now a birthday communication is simply an automated communication that targets a "birthday" customer group. The concept of birthday offers is no longer applicable. Any offer can be used with a birthday communication (or even no offer).

Here are the steps for creating a birthday communication:


1. Create a "birthday" customer group (if you don't already have one)

  • Go to the Customers page

  • Select Birthday from the More menu (in the filter bar above the customer list)

  • Using the new Birthday filter that has appeared, select a desired value (e.g. "In 14 days")

  • Save as a new customer group, naming it as clearly as possible (e.g. "Birthdays in 14 days") 


2. Create an Automated communication

  • Create a new communication.

  • Set the type to Automated communication.

  • In To choose your new customer group (e.g. "Birthdays in 14 days").

  • In Send every choose Day.

  • In Starting from choose a start date & time, where the time also dictates at what time each day your communication will be sent.

  • Ensure Communication Active is ticked and then save your communication.


Extra Power and Flexibility

The new Birthday filter gives a range of options not previously possible. So you could choose to target customers whose birthday is today, tomorrow or in 7 days. Your "birthday" customer group can also contain additional filters (not just the birthday filter).  So you are completely free to create a number of "birthday" customer groups each targeting different demographics, with a different communication for each.