Automated Communications

Automated communications allows you to be more engaging with your customers. You can thank those customers who have redeemed an offer or re-engage those customers who have become inactive. When a customer registers you can send them a couple of personalised welcome emails throughout the week or even wish them a happy birthday!

With Coniq, creating these automated communications is simple and lets you know that your customers are always being looked after.


Creating automated communications.

This all relies on your customer groups. Remember, these groups are dynamic and so when a customer meets the filter criteria you have set they are then added to the group.

For example, if you filter by all customers who registered for your loyalty program in the past week you can save these customers as a group - let's say 'Signed up this week'. As and when new customers join they are added to this group and will then be sent the automated communication.

Once you have decided on your customer group it is time to create the automated communication itself. This all happens in the 'Communications' tab of your Coniq platform when creating a 'New Email'.

The 'New Email' page allows you to choose what type of communication you are sending and so here is where you select 'Automated communication'. Once selected a couple of other fields will appear allowing you to set up the automation rules.

Firstly, as with any new email you need to decided on a name, subject line, who the email is from and whether there is an offer attached or not. Our help guide will explain this in more detail.

Now is the point where the automation starts to happen. The 'To' field is all important as this is where you decide which customer group the email is to be automated for.

You now have your group selected so you need to decide on how often and at what time the automation is to run. For a registration automation we would recommend sending a follow up email that day. When choosing 'Day' this email will be sent to new members of your group every day at your specified time (each new member will only receive the email once however)

The next stage is to decide from when do these automated emails start. This option can be used to ensure that all new registrations will only start to receive the automated communication from the day the loyalty program is launched.

So finally - your group has been created, your email has a name, subject line and from is complete and you have decided on when and what time your automated communication is to begin being sent.

The final thing, if not done already, is to design your email and then ensure the 'Communication Active' box is ticked to start your automated communication.