Refer a friend

I think it is safe to say that if you are recommended a place to eat or visit by a friend than you are likely to look upon that place favourably. This concept of 'word of mouth' is therefore very powerful and is something that as a business you need to take advantage of.

Using the Coniq platform you can now make it very easy for your customers, the people who are already your advocates and are willing to recommend you, to refer your business to their friends allowing them to register themselves to your database. . 

So how do you go about doing this? We need to first know that you are interested in doing it as there is a bit of work that needs to be done by our design team to ensure everything works as expected. Please contact your account manager or email for this.

The 'refer a friend' flow is illustrated below but essentially you are incentivising your existing customers to refer their friends by offering them something in return. The referred friends are then incentivised with an offer to register their details with you (they can then perhaps enjoy this offer with the friend that referred them...)

There needs to be 2 sign-up forms and 3 emails created (with 1 or 2 offers depending on if the incentive for referring is the same as for registering). Your account manager will be happy to walk you through creating these or alternatively you can request that everything is created for you (this will cost a bit extra of course)

Once you are happy with the setup we can go live and you are ready to get your customers talking about how great you are and referring their friends!