Attaching a pass for Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet is basically your own physical wallet but stored digitally on your iPhone (currently this feature is only available on iOS).

This means that anything sent to you via email with a code, such as reward programs or train tickets, can be stored in your Apple Wallet opposed to having to be found in your inbox.

When sending an email with an offer attached you can now enable this so your iPhone users can store their offer in their Apple Wallet.

To add this Pass to your emails you need to check the box entitled 'Attach a pass for Apple Wallet?' when creating your email (see below).



Once the customer receives their email with their offer, either a standard offer such as a Multi-use or their loyalty card, they will see an attachment within the email as shown below.



Once the customer selects the attachment they are automatically taken to their Apple Wallet where they will see their offer or loyalty card (below).



It's all very simple.

If you would like your Pass fully customised with your own branding and design then please let us know.