Creating an offer tag

Creating tags for your offers allows you to group and then view these offers in any way you seem fit. Any offer you create can be added to any existing or new tag.

To tag an offer simply head to an already created offer, or do this whilst creating a new offer, and click the 'Advanced Content' option (highlighted below).


Once selected a new drop down menu will appear (as below). This drop down has a Tags and this is where you can select an existing tag or create a new one.

To create a new tag simply click in the box and type the name of the tag you wish to create and add this offer to. 

Here the new tag example is 'Registration offers' which has a '(New)' new to it letting you know that this tag is a new one. To create the new tag either click or press enter. This new tag will then appear in the drop down for other offers to be added to if you wish (see below).

As and when you create new tags they will also appear in this drop down for all offers.