Sorting and filtering your offers

Using the offer sorting and filtering allows you to have greater visibility of, and better manage, your offers.


The first option you have is to sort your offers by either 'Name' or 'Newest'. By 'Name' sorts your offers alphabetically whereas 'Newest' will sort them by the last time you created or edited an offer. The offer you created or edited last will appear at the top of the list.


Your second option is to filter your offers to show you only the offers that meet one criteria such as single use offers or combine criteria to see those single use offers that are active for example.

In your Offers tab you have 4 filter criteria (see below) that you can use to make your offer list more manageable.


Under offer Status you will see, and can select, your regular offer statuses of 'Active', 'Scheduled', 'Expired' or 'Archived'.

By selecting 2 or more statuses you will be shown an offer list consisting of both 'Active' and 'Scheduled' offers for example.



By selecting offer Tags you will be filtering by only those offers that are in that particular tag, or tags, you have selected.

Creating offer tags is a great way to quickly view or analyse a selection of offers by location, incentive or time period for example. 



When filtering by Type you will be showing those offers that have certain offer rules as decided by you when creating the offer. This will therefore provide a list of all offers that are of the type, or types, you select.



Filtering by Place allows you to see only those offers that are valid in the selected locations. If an offer is available in 'All places' this offer will appear in the list when any location is selected. 

Using this filter is an easy way to see individual offers for a location - you can then add the 'Status' filter to see which of the offers are still valid.