Selecting 1 or a small number of customers to receive a communication

Sometimes you just wish to send an email to only 1 customer or a small group of customers.

They may be competition winners, customers who have deleted the communication by mistake or have changed email address and would like to receive a communication they have missed.

The easiest way to do this:

Search by customer email, name or barcode in the search bar or scroll and find them in your customer list.

When you find your customers' details page head to the bottom and find 'Tags'. This is a drop down menu of all your tags but you can add a new tag by inputting a new tag name into the box and pressing 'New' as below.

This now creates a new tag with that 1 customer within. By choosing this tag when sending an email you will be sending to that 1 customer.

To add more customers to that tag you can search them in the same way and when in the same customer details screen select the newly created tag from the 'Tags' drown menu.