Review Emails

You can review the success of each individual email by opening it in the ‘Communications' tab.

Your emails are sorted into categories ‘Sending’, ‘Draft / inactive’ and ‘Completed’.


Sending communications are those that you are now sending (obviously) as well as those that are being sent as automated communications.

Draft / inactive communications are those you have created and saved as draft as well as those automated communications that you have stopped. These automated communications can be set to be sent again from here.

Completed communications are those that you have sent as a campaign email, such as a new promotion or newsletter, to your database or section of your database.

If you select an individual communication you will then have five different ways that you can view your email stats:



This is the total number of emails sent to your customers for that particular communication.


The number of delivered emails is how many emails were actually received by the customer.

A high delivery rate (+80%) means you have a clean and really engaged customer database.

Opened (Open Rate)

Open rates are important as they show how successful your email has been. If the email has been opened then chances are the customer has read your message.

Make sure you analyse the time and day you send your emails, as you may find your customer database is more responsive to opening emails at certain times and days.

As a benchmark any open rate of +20% is good with +25% being excellent and above the majority of industry averages.


Your click through rate is the number of email recipients who have interacted with your email if you have given them the option to click anywhere.

You can give your customers the option to click on your email by adding a call to action (CTA) which can be a link to your website or for them to enter a competition or survey for example.


Your number of bounced emails will be those that you have sent but have not reached a destination. The reason for this is that the email address you are sending to does not exist or allow emails to be received.



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