Review Introduction

Once you have built a database, segmented them and begun sending them relevant and targeted communications you are then in a strong position to analyse your results.  

 For example, this could mean that you have seen an offer surprisingly outperforming another one, or perhaps one signup channel (out of cards/website/social media/flyers etc.) generates significantly more customers than another. Maybe you will notice that only a small percentage of your total customer base represenst the lion’s share of your tracked income…

…whatever your data presents, it is important to periodically review this in order to hone you marketing campaigns and get the most out of your loyal customers. 

The platform allows you to look at each area of your loyalty program and analyse whether it is working well. It allows you to do this in real time. Navigate through the offers, communications, signups, customers and ‘Results’ tab in the platform to see a breakdown of activity on your account. You can create different reports; Scan Report, Customer Report, Loyalty Offer Report and Offer Email Report. If you require more complex reporting, it is easy to export your transaction data and filter this in excel.


Next Step: Review Spend/Redemptions