Stamp Cards

If you are running a loyalty scheme such as a Stamp Card or a Reward Program then you will need to produce custom cards to distribute to your customers in store/by post etc. If you have pre-ordered or would like to purchase loyalty cards please contact , otherwise you can skip this section!

Each card will have a unique code which can be registered to the customer’s account using the scanner on their first visit or alternatively by entering their card number on an online signup form when they return home.

Each time a customer scans they will be eligible for any live offers associated with your rewards program.

Stamp Cards

While we discussed creating a stamp card as just another offer previously, this offer falls underneath loyalty as you can add it as part of your loyalty program. Once you have created a stamp card you add it to a loyalty card in exactly the same way as you would a normal offer.

To create a stamp card, select ‘New’ in the top right hand corner of the ‘Loyalty’ tab on the platform. This should open the following page under ‘Stamp Card’;

Fill in the relevant information for your card. 

Advanced Content allows you to insert a logo and an image to use with a Mobile App. If you are not using a mobile app, skip this step! Otherwise please contact

Select one or more ‘Places’ that this stamp card can be used at (See Create Locations for more information).

Choose the days and times your offer is valid or leave this so that there are no date and time limitations.

In the “Stamps” field set the number of stamps required before a customer is presented with the reward.  Your last stamp is your reward so a ‘buy 10 get your next free’ promotion would equal 11 stamps.

Tick/Untick whether you want to limit the customer to one stamp per day. This will depend on your situation, however for most customers we would suggest not limiting this… if a customer wants to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with you this should be encouraged!

‘Should the scanner ask for a transaction amount?’
Each time a barcode/offer is scanned, a box will appear to ask the user to enter the spend amount. Your spend results can then be viewed and analysed in the ‘Results’ section of the platform. 

‘Should the scanner ask for the postcode?’
You can also choose here whether you would like to capture the customer's post code when they redeem an offer. This is useful so that you can see the area your customers are from.

Once the post code has been recorded against the customers' barcode the scanner will not ask for it again.


SAVE, and this Stamp Card will be listed in the ‘Loyalty’ tab.

When the customer reaches the amount of scans/stamps that are required for this stamp card, the Scanner will inform the user what the customer is eligible for and return the stamp amount to zero.


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