Creating Offers

To create an offer, head to the ‘Offers’ tab in the platform and select ‘New’ in the top right hand corner.

This will give you the list of the 4 different offer types described above:  Single Use, Once a Day, Multi Use and Birthday.


Once you have selected the type of offer you will need to fill in the Content;


This is your headline. Keep it short and sweet to grab attention.


Save a description so that you can refer to this to remind you of your offer details. 


'Advanced Content'

This drop down is mainly used if your offers will be appearing in a mobile app. If you are interested in setting up a mobile app, please contact


Next, you need to select where your offer is valid, by using the drop down menu in ‘Where’, and selecting one or more of your ‘Places’. (See Create Locations if your places do not appear when you click this box)

Choose set days and times that your offer can be redeemed.

Unless you are trying to target a specific time period (example, Sunday to Thursday off peak times) or your offer specifically states that it will only be available at a certain time, we would recommend leaving this open.


If a customer tries to scan an offer that is not valid at that time, or it has already been used (if it’s a single use offer), then the scanner will display a message informing the user that the offer cannot be redeemed.


Reward Programs Option

‘Reward Programs’ section:  If the offer is part of a loyalty/reward program (this will only be the case if you have loyalty cards), you can select which card and program the offer falls under. This offer will then be available on that reward program.

Contact for information on ordering cards

Tip: Remember that the ‘Description’ and ‘Staff message’ fields will only be seen by people handling the scanner so you can insert useful tips for staff or pointers for your own records.


We recommend that you select 'Should the scanner ask for the transaction amount?' so that you can track and analyse your transaction and redemption results.

You can also choose here whether you would like to capture the customer's post code when they redeem an offer. This is useful so that you can see the area your customers are from.

Once the post code has been recorded against the customers' barcode the scanner will not ask for it again.


SAVE, and this offer will be listed in the ‘Offers’ tab.


Next Step: Email and SMS