Other Ways Of Sharing Your Sign Up Form

Custom Design sign up

If you do not want to use a standard sign up form created in the ‘Sign ups’ tab on the platform, then you can have a custom one made.

You will need to contact support@coniq.com to set this up. You will be then sent a custom sign up order form, where you will need to provide your specific and requirements. You can then embed this into your web page, email this to your database or share via social media. 


Flyers with printed link for sign up form

When advertising your business through flyers, you can print a link to your sign up form on the flyer which customers can then navigate to in order to sign up. This is good method for advertising and creating footfall to a new store or an opening, or even launching a new offer.

You can do this yourself, or again, contact support@coniq.com and we will happily discuss this option with you.


Scanner Card Registration

If you have pre-purchased loyalty cards then you also have the option of signing up new customers when they first scan their card in store.

If you do not have loyalty cards you will not use this option as all customers will register using an online registration form.

If you are interested in purchasing loyalty cards please contact support@coniq.com


Steps to create a scanner signup form:

Create a new sign up form and fill in the relevant information, including appearance and description. Name this “Scanner signup form” so you can see how effective this registration channel is versus online registrations.

Select the tick box next to ‘Activation’ in order to use form to activate a loyalty scheme.

Select the reward program that you want to activate.
Note: The reward program can be created under the loyalty tab and controls what offers appear for users of your loyalty card.

Under Send email, select your response email that you have created for your other signup channels.

Set your required form questions: NOTE – we suggest that for scanner signup forms that you keep things short, perhaps only asking for first name and email address. We recommend an easy signup to not slow things down in store at the point of sale.

SAVE, and this form will appear on the scanner whenever a customer first scans their card in store.


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