Introduction To Sharing a Sign Up Form

Now that you have created a signup form, created a response email and attached an offer to it, you will need a way to get this sign up form in front of all your potential customers.


The way we achieve this is through a number of channels:


  • Embedding a signup form on your website where customers can sign up
  • Posting a link to the signup form on your social media site.
  • If you are handing out loyalty cards we can have the signup form appear on the scanner for the first time they scan their card.
  • We can even print a link to the signup form on a flyer and distribute this.


For each method of signing up a customer we recommend you set up a separate signup form so that you can track which channels are performing better as a way of hooking new customers. If you choose to create separate signup forms you do not need to recreate the same offer and response email, as these can be attached to multiple signup forms.

Next Step: Share on your Website