Introduction to New Sign Ups

The main aim of building a customer database is to gain an insight into your customer’s behaviour, and to use this insight to develop a targeted marketing strategy.

• Your database is where all your customer information and details are held.
• The best way to add to this database is through sign up forms.
• We use signup forms so that whenever a customer signs up for a newsletter, offer or competition you will receive their data and will then be able to contact them with relevant information and more attractive offers in the future.

Sign up forms and emails

We suggest you create an email that is sent out in response to each of your sign up forms. This should focus on thanking the customer for signing up, incentivising the customer to visit your store with an offer, and explaining to them what type of emails they will receive from your brand.

• It is a good idea to attach an introductory offer to this email in order to encourage customers back into the store.
• Offers are a great way of attracting customers into your business, to spend money, increase spend and frequency of visits, and also to make them feel exclusive and special.

To attach an email response to a signup form you will need to:

1 Create the sign up form
2 Set up the email
3 Attach the offer to the email
4 Set the email so it sends when a customer signs up using the sign-up form.

In the next section we will take you through the steps on how you can set up an email in response to a signup form.


Next Step: Create Sign Up Form