Create Sign Up Offer

A great way of attracting customers to sign up and provide their personal details is through attaching an offer to a signup campaign. This could be something like, “sign up and receive 20% off your next meal/purchase” or “sign up and receive a free starter when you next come in to the store”.

This offer will be attached to the signup form response email (Create a response email). 

To create this offer, head to the ‘Offers’ tab in the platform and select ‘New’ in the top right hand corner;

This will give you an option of 4 types of offer, Single Use, Once a Day, Multi Use and Birthday (We’ll discuss each of these in turn in Creating Offers.

Generally, for an offer in response to signing up, you should use a single use offer so that it can only be redeemed once.

Once you have selected the single use offer you will need to fill in the following Content:

This is your headline. Keep it short and sweet to grab attention.

For example: “2 for 1 cocktails when you signup!”

Describe the offer for your own records.

‘Advanced Content’

Click the text ‘Advanced Options’ to present additional fields relating to options if your offer is appearing in a mobile app.

For more information please contact 

Choose set days and times that your offer can be redeemed.

Unless you are trying to target a specific time period (example, Sunday to Thursday off peak times) or your offer specifically states that it will only be available at a certain time, we would recommend leaving this open.

If a customer tries to scan an offer that is not valid at that time, or it has already been used (if it’s a single use offer), then the scanner will display a message informing the user that the offer cannot be redeemed.

Remember, the key is to reward customers for signing up here so therefore try not to over restrict the redemption period in this case.


We recommend that you select 'Should the scanner ask for the transaction amount?' so that you can track and analyse your transaction and redemption results.

You can also choose here whether you would like to capture the customer's post code when they redeem an offer. This is useful so that you can see the area your customers are from.

Once the post code has been recorded against the customers' barcode the scanner will not ask for it again.


SAVE, and this offer will be listed in the ‘Offers’ tab.

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