Create Sign Up Form

To create a sign up form, go to the ‘Sign Up’ tab on the platform, and select ‘New’ in the top right hand corner:

Name this form so you can distinguish it from any others you will or have created. This will help when you are comparing the performance of various campaigns for acquiring new customers

For ‘User Instructions’ you will need to tell the customer what they are signing up to and how they should do it, for example; “Fill out this form to receive exclusive offers!”, “Sign up and get 10% off your next meal” etc.


You can limit the number of sign-ups allowed for a particular campaign.

You can also specify a date/time for this sign up to end. This can be changed at any time to extend or shorten the sign up period.

The Text and Background colours determine the appearance of your sign up form, and it will automatically include your logo above this. This is populated from the logo you uploaded when you set up your profile in the section Create Profile.

You can choose an Email or SMS that you will create to send in response to this sign up (Create Response Email)

Remember once you have completed your email you will need to come back here and link it to the signup form.

Here you can also include a ‘User Message’, which is the message that is displayed when a sign up is completed successfully. We would suggest you thank customers for signing up and let them know what to expect next!

If this form is being used to activate a Reward Program then select the tick box next to 'Activation'.



Finally, set up the information you wish to retrieve from the customer from the sign up form, and tick whether this information is required to sign-up.

‘Checkbox Confirmation’ adds a custom tick box question into your form. After selecting this option you will be prompted to enter a custom question, for example – please confirm if you are over the age of 18.

(External ID/Card Pin – is used for custom integrations, contact for assistance).

SAVE, and this form should be listed in the ‘Sign ups’ tab.


Next Step: Create Sign Up Offer