Create Locations

Once you have set up your profile, head to the ‘Places’ tab to find your store location to the platform.

This page shows the locations of all of your places, a map of each, the address and details and any other information related to that place.


Select your place to edit.


Here, you can fill in all the relevant information such as Name, Address, and Post Code for each ‘Place’.


Please also put the Primary contact’s information (usually the Store Manager) of the new place/location.


Groups: You can group your places together, such as by area e.g. ‘East London’, so you can analyse your locations by these regions

‘Advanced Options’

Click the text ‘Advanced Options’ to present additional fields relating to the location.

For more information please contact


This section will list all the scanners associated with your ‘Place’.

When you register your scanner it’s unique ID (IMEI) number is listed here.



This is the registration barcode for your ‘Place’

You will need to scan this to register your scanner.

There is also the option to email the code to yourself, which will be sent to the email you provided in ‘My Profile’.



Any offers valid at this place will also be listed here.


Next Steps: Scanners