Review Spend/Redemptions

‘Scan Report’

Head to the first page of the 'Results' section titled 'Scan Report'. You will be able to view all past transactions in a simple results table.

This lists every scan, when it was, where it was, which offer was scanned, who redeemed it and how much they spent.

Here you can also download your results by exporting as a csv file to enable further analysis.

There are two ways to get to the redemption ‘Scan Reports’ results page.

1. Head to the ‘Offers tab’ on the left hand side of the platform and select 'Show Results' for a particular offer you wish to look up

2. Head to the ‘Results’ tab on the left hand side of the platform. 


You can filter these results to show

- scans belonging to particular places

- scans belonging to particular offers

- scans belonging to a particular time period

(and you can select more than one for each search)


Just select from the ‘Start Filtering’ box at the top of the Results page and then from this pop up:


Your results from you filtering will show:

- how many places the offer(s) in your filter have been redeemed

- how many offers in your filter have been redeemed

- how many people used the offer(s)

- how many times in total the offer(s) have been scanned

- total amount of money redeemed in your account (this includes amounts entered through your scanner and average transaction values)


You can then also export these results as a chart (by pressing ‘Export’) in either a PNG, PDF or SVG file. Or as a transaction list in a CSV file.


To view your selected data in a chart press the chart button:

and select what you would like to view in this pop up…



Use these charts or CSV files to filter and sort your data as you wish.


Next Step: Review Offers