Reward Programs

So you have created a number of offers and a stamp card. In order to group these together so that they are presented to customers when they scan their loyalty cards, you will need to create a reward program. 

To create a Reward Program, select ‘New’ in the top right hand corner of the ‘Loyalty’ tab on the platform. This should open the following page under ‘Reward Program’;


This is your headline. Keep it short and sweet to grab attention.

Describe your offer so you know what the offer is.


Here, you can select the offers that can be used with that Reward Program. Only offers that have not expired can be added.


You can allow the customer to register when they first scan their Loyalty Card. Simply select a Sign up form for the scanner to display. (See Create Sign up Form).


Select one or more ‘Places’ that this stamp card can be used. (See Create Locations).

Choose the days and times your offer is valid or leave this so that there are no date and time limitations.


Reference: You can enter a value here to be used as the new display name (for internal display within the platform). This would replace the default name of {Title} @ {Location}.


SAVE, and this Reward Program will be listed in the ‘Loyalty’ tab.


Next Steps: Review Success