Types Of Offer

Offers are a great way of attracting customers into your business and encouraging them to spend more while also making them feel exclusive and special.

Within the offer tab of the platform there are 4 main offer types:

Within the loyalty tab there is an additional offer called ‘Stamp Card’: Next Step: Creating Offers


Single use offers can only be used once, and are great for attracting new customers with a high value offer or for promoting a new product or place.

Once a day offers can be used multiple times but only once a day, and are great for building repeat visits and making your business a regular choice for customers.

Multi use offers can be used any number of times. Typically used for discounts or free products linked to purchases. (e.g. a free soft drink if you spend over £10). These are great for customer retention and tracking behaviour.

Birthday offers are automatically sent out to customers ahead of their birthday via a special birthday email. Great for ensuring your customers celebrate with you.

These offers are sent 2 weeks prior to a customer’s birthday. The platform checks this automatically every day and sends the offer to anyone who’s birthday is 14 days away.

A it’s their birthday, they’ll probably want to celebrate with their friends, so why not make sure this offer is for a group that will potentially spend a large amount in your business.

The stamp card is used to reward your regular customers and increase your loyal customers. For example, you can set a threshold of 10 stamps and reward a customer when they hit this amount.

TIP: By setting up a stamp card it allows you to capture every transaction that a loyal customer makes as they will be incentivised to scan each time they visit the store. With this information you can then target your most loyal customers or biggest spenders with relative messages that encourage them to return more often.

We will go into more detail on stamp cards in Stamp Cards