Email Creation

To create the signup response email that the offer is attached to head to the ‘Communications’ tab on the platform, select ‘New’  then ‘New Email’.

This will open up the following page where you can edit your information. 

Firstly, you need to decide what type of communication you are creating:

In this instance you will be selecting 'Sign-up response' as this is the email that will be sent to your new customers once they have registered.

You will then need to insert the details for this email.

Name the email to identify this particular communication. This is not customer facing.

For example, sign up offer “Free coffee signup”

If you are sending an offer with this email, you can then choose the offer from the drop down box. This will attach it to the email.

If you have not yet made an offer you can attach it later, just remember to come back to this email afterwards and attach.

Link: Create Sign Up Offer

As this is an email in response to a sign up form, select/tick ‘Send in response to a sign up form?’.

The ‘To’ box will now disappear as you will not be sending this to existing customers, as you can see below:

From: Is the name that will appear in the reader’s inbox that identifies you or your business.

Subject Line: Is where you write something catchy that entices the reader to open the email.

You can always try different subject lines to see if you get a better open rate.

Your email information should now be complete:

Next you need to decide how your email will look by selecting a template from the template tab, and editing this within the editor tab.

Template tab

You can either;

  • Choose a standard template from the list shown
  • Choose a custom template that has been uploaded, contact for more information

Standard Templates

There are a range of templates here to choose from. You can personalise many of the templates with images and text. Select which one you wish to use and edit.

Generic templates

The top line of these templates are completely blank so you have full freedom to change anything and everything within the template.

The second row of templates, when selected, will automatically pull your brand colour and brand logo from your ’My Profile’ section on the platform.

Seasonal templates

These are ready made templates with seasonal/occasion designs. Again with these you can personalise with certain images and text.

Editor Tab

In this tab you can edit your email by changing the text and images displayed. Simply double click each box and follow the prompts to do so. If you need any help with this click here.

Most of the standard templates have the Email Designer button available when editing (top right corner of the editor tab).

By choosing this option you will have access to build your own email template from scratch For more information please head to our Email Designer page.

Test Email – Recommended

If you wish to send yourself a test email you can by pressing ‘Send Test Email’ in the top right hand corner of the screen.

This allows you to check your email on different browsers.

Remember that background images set when using the Email Designer do not show in Outlook

Once you have finished editing your email and have saved this, it will be listed in your ‘Communications tab’.

You will then need to attach this email to the corresponding sign up form so that it can be sent as a response when someone signs up.

Open your form in the ‘Sign Ups’ tab and attach your email in Sign Up Response > Send Email section.

You can also send an SMS in response to a sign up form, just select the tick box ‘Send in Response to a sign up form?’ when creating an SMS. To do this, head to ‘Communications’ > ‘New’ > ‘New SMS’.


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