Import Any Existing Customer Data

This next step is to consolidate any existing customer data you may have and import it into the platform.

This should be one of your first steps as you will be able to launch marketing campaigns immediately and begin to analyse your most loyal customer’s behaviour. 

If you have an existing list of customers then this can be easily added to your database on the platform. In order that the data all lines up nicely in the platform, you will first need to convert your customer data into a CSV file. To upload a customer file, follow these steps:

Make sure your excel layout is in this format;



(You can download an example of this in the ‘Customer’ tab on the platform. Head to ‘Manage’ (top right-hand corner), select ‘Import from CSV’ and “download an example here”.)


In the ‘Customer’ tab in the platform, go to, ‘Manage’ (top right-hand corner), and in the drop down menu, select Import from CSV.

If your data is not already in a CSV format, when the pop up comes up press “Download a sample file”.

This will give you an example of what format you need the spreadsheet to be in for uploading correctly, so reformat your file to mirror this example, or copy and paste your information into the example file.

Not all the columns need to be populated so please delete any blanks. Before uploading please check that the email and contact number data being uploaded is correctly formatted.

Save this as CSV.

Upload your CSV file via ‘Manage’ top right-hand corner of the ‘Customer’ tab, then select ‘Import from CSV’.

Select a tag to add this data to, or create a new tag by selecting ‘New Group’.

For example, If this is your first data upload, you can name it ‘Data Import dd/mm/yyyy’.

When you are back on the ‘Customer’ tab, you can search this tag and view who’s in it, or even send that specific tag an email.

Next steps:

Having uploaded any existing customer data you can now look to grow this customer base using the built in tools within the platform. You can capture more customers in a number of ways:

  • Creating a sign-up form that automatically embeds within your website
  • Sharing a sign-up form on social media
  • Signing up people directly using the scanner


Next Step: How To Organise Your Customer Data