Tracking customer spend

Why should I track customer spend?

Finding out how much a customer has spent each time they redeem an offer is the only way to establish that offer’s ROI (return on investment). You can then measure your various ROI's against each other to find out your most profitable promotion.

How do I track this?

When you create or edit an offer, you have the option of finding out how much a customer has spent each time they redeem by simply ticking the “Should the scanner ask for the transaction amount?” box, at the bottom of the offer creation page.

If selected, when the offer is redeemed in store, a pop-up message will appear on the scanner screen prompting the staff member to enter the amount for that transaction. The transaction amount is entered using the scanners' keypad and pressing OK.

Where can I measure my ROI?

To view your results for each promotion head to the 'Results' tab and on the first page you will the scan report. Here you can export your transaction data, either all of it or by filtering certain offer and date criteria, by heading to the top right of the screen and selecting 'Export' then 'Transactions > CSV. File'.

Once your csv. has downloaded you will be able to see and analyse all the data as shown below using Excel.