Measuring the success of your emails - open rates

Once you have created a newsletter/email or sent out an offer by email, you probably want to know the email’s open rate (the percentage of people who have actually seen the email).

After sending out the email, you may want to wait at least 12 to 24 hours to check the open rate, as different people check their emails at different times.

To check a sent email’s open rate, go to the ‘Communications’ tab in the Coniq platform and click on the email you sent out (it should have a status of ‘Sent’ with how many customers you sent this to).

Once you have opened the sent email, you will be able to see the open rate at the top of the screen.

The circle on the left indicates the number of people the email was successfully sent to. The circle on the right indicates how many of those people opened the email. If you hover over the percentage circle the actual number of customers who opened your communication will show. 

An email’s open rate is a good way to determine how engaged people are with your offers. The Coniq platform records actual open rates which means the customer has to download the images to be recorded as an 'open'. Your actual readership of the email will be higher as the plain text in the email can be read without downloading the images.