1) How to build your database

Why build a customer database?

The aim of the database is twofold. First, you want to gain an insight into customer behaviour, second you want to use this insight to develop a targeted marketing strategy.

How do you build a customer database?

In order to build a database your customers have to share their information with you. Sign up forms are the best way to achieve this. They can be embedded into your website, promoted on social media, attached to email or used in-house. 

When a potential customer signs up for a newsletter, offer or competition you will receive their data and will be able to contact them with relevant information in the future. You need to identify which bits of information will enable you to do this effectively. The platform offers you way to filter and group your customers by gender, age, company they are from or simply which locations they have been.

Asking too many questions can put people off using the sign up form all together so think about which bits of information are most important to you and your business and try to keep the required fields to a minimum.

There are several channels you can use to get customers registering with you and you can then analyse which one is best.