Where can I find the status of my communications?

Head to the ‘Communications’ tab on the left and you will see a bar showing 3 statuses that your communication falls under.


Sending communications can be campaign emails that are being built before being sent, emails that you have scheduled to be sent at a later date and automated communications such as birthday and sign up. 

Draft / inactive communications are either those that you have 'saved as draft' or sign up communications that are not associated to a sign up form.

Completed communications show all campaign communications that have been sent along with when they were sent and to how many email address.


Within these 3 statuses your communications will be listed in the order they were last sent/updated along with extra information for each.

Your internal name given to the communication is shown along with any offer attached and amount of email addresses the email has been sent to.

For Sending communications you are able to see how many have been sent so far.

You will also be able to see exactly when the communication has been sent once in the Completed status.

To look at further analytics for a communication, such as open rates and click throughs, you can select the communication and see this.