Creating an offer

So what is an Offer?

Offers are different incentives that you can use to grow your database, build hype around your product and boost sales. 

Coniq allows you to use 4 types of offers:

1. Single-use

2. Once a Day

3. Multi-use

4. Birthday

Please look at our section on different offer types and how these are used for more information. 

How do I create an offer?

In your Offers tab select 'New' and you will be invited to choose 1 of the 4 offer types available.


After choosing which type of offer you are going to use you now have to follow the steps to create it.


  • The Title is the name of your offer and is visible to staff when scanning
  • Offer Description is an opportunity for you to describe what your offer is. This is only for the platform owners benefit and is not visible to staff or customers.

When & Where

  • Choosing Where your offer is valid (all places or a specific place or places from the drop down menu) 
  • Time, date and days allows you to define specific rules for When the offer can be redeemed. Using the slider bar allows you to change the time the offer is valid and a tick in the Days box means the offer will be valid on that day.


  • If you attach this offer to a Reward Program you are allowing customers who have registered for your reward program the chance to redeem. If you do not want this attached to a reward program, or you do not have a reward program, then you can skip this step.
  • The Staff Message is the message that appears on the scanner when a successful redemption is made informing the staff of what that customer is entitled to.




We recommend that you select 'Should the scanner ask for the transaction amount?' so that you can track and analyse your transaction and redemption results.

You can also choose here whether you would like to capture the customer's post code when they redeem an offer. This is useful so that you can see the area your customers are from.


Once you have created your offer

You now need to tell your database and any potential customers about it.

By clicking 'save' at the bottom of the offer creation page you are invited to 'create' a new communication.

You can send the offer either via SMS or Email. Once selected you will be directed to the relevant page for creating your communication.

If you choose 'Not now' then your newly created offer will be saved in the Offers tab and from there you will be able to send it or edit it at a later date.