Sending emails to customers with certain profiles

The platform will organise customers into tags automatically, such as what company they are from, their gender or which sign up form they have used for example. In your 'To' field when sending an email you can select multiple tags.

You can also create your own groups of customers and send communications to these. You can use your customers groups to send automated communications which can save you time and engage more regularly with your customers.

Once you have your tags and groups created you can then send communications to these customers. This is useful as you now have a more targeted audience so your communication can be more personal and relevant. 

To send an email to a customer tag(s) or group you can simply select them from the 'To' drop down list when creating your communication.

You can select multiple tags but only 1 group to send each communication.

If choosing multiple tags only 1 email will be sent per email address however many tags the customer is in.