Creating Customer Sign-up forms

Start by heading to the 'Sign-ups' tab.

Once on the ‘Sign-ups’ page select the ‘New’ button on the top right. This will take you to a 'New Sign-up Form'.

There are quite a few options here but the main objective of Sign-up forms is to build a customer database so you get more people coming in and redeeming offers.

1) Form Setup

Work through this section and fill in the details. Don’t forget it is where the look and feel of the Sign-up form is created as well. Your company logo, set in the profile section of the platform, will appear at the top of the form. You can set the background colour and text colour here.

2) Signup Response

When a customer successfully registers their details you can send them a response acknowledging their sign up. This section allows you to select the channel you use to send the response and the message they receive.

For more information on attaching an email/offer to a Sign-up form please click here.

3) Form Questions

The objective of Sign-up forms is to build up your database so you can send out targeted, well-timed and relevant offers to a range of customers. Selecting which questions are compulsory is a balancing act, you want to get as much information as possible but you don’t want to put people off. Think about what information is most important for your marketing strategy – remember you can ask the question without making the answer mandatory.

When you are done hit 'Save'. A pop-up with a link to embed the Sign-up form in your website, share it via Facebook and Twitter or simply share the link wherever you wish on line or in your emails.

If you don’t want either of these options select close and you can use your Sign-up form later.