Embedding a link in your emails

Embedding a link, such as a Sign-up form or link to any other website, to your emails is a great way to encourage existing customers to invite their friends to sign up or direct them to a specific website.

First, you need to create the Sign-up form or copy the URL you wish to embed.

Next, head to ‘Communications’ and either create a new email or duplicate a previous one.

Once you have edited the main content of your email you can highlight a specific section of text or word and press the link button as shown below.

The next step is to add the URL you wish the customer to be directed to into the box that appears.

Once added the text that you have highlighted will have the URL embedded behind it and appear as a link in your email. 

If you would like the link to open in a new tab go to 'Target' and choose 'New Tab'.