Sending offers to your customers via text

If you want to send customers an offer via SMS you have a couple of options.

  1. Create an offer and share it via SMS immediately.
    Click ‘Save’ and the options to share via ‘SMS’ or ‘Email’ will appear. Select SMS and you will be taken to the ‘New SMS’ page.


  1. You have already created an offer and you decide to share it later.
    Head to the ‘Communications’ tab on the left, hit ‘+ New’ at the top and select ‘New SMS’. It will take you to the ‘New SMS’ page.

Once on the ‘New SMS’ page:

1) Select the offer and the tags to send to.

2) Choose a ‘Subject’ (this time it is just for internal reference and recipients will not see it), then fill in the ‘From’ field. Take your time because the ‘From’ field will be visible to recipients.

3) Create a short, punchy text message to encourage customers to follow the link to the offer provided

You are not able to save the SMS for later but you can send yourself a test SMS by clicking the 'Send Test SMS' button in the top right corner.