Scanner Messages

1. My scanner says ''Please check your internet connection''?

There are two possible reasons for this message.

  1. Your mobile data coverage has been lost. Turn your scanner off then on to reset this connection.
  2. Your internet connection has dropped out. Try rebooting your router to reset your router's internet access. See 'How do I connect my scanner to Wi-Fi' if there is still no connection.


2. Why is my scanner saying “Sorry, this is not an activation code”?

If you see this message, you need to activate your scanner. Then scan the customer code.

Find the activation code in ‘Places’. Click on a specific location and scan the code or type in the number.

Your scanner will say ‘Checking activation code’ whilst it loads. Press ‘Activate’ and you are done. Now scan the customer code and you are good to start scanning.

For more information on activating your scanner please click here.


3. Why is my scanner saying  “This offer has not yet started or has already finished”?

Your customer is either too early or too late for this offer – if you have made a mistake you can edit the offer in the platform to make the offer valid again.

Please click here for information on editing your existing offer.


4. Why is my scanner saying  “This offer has already been used”?

Your customer has already had this offer scanned – this could be a 'use once' offer that has already been redeemed.


5. Why is my scanner saying  “Sorry, this offer is not recognised”?

This isn’t an offer that you have created, check to make sure you are scanning one of your offers.


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