Tagging your customers

Customer tagging and database segmentation is key to using the Coniq platform successfully.

There are many ways that customer data is tagged, some are automatic and others are user defined.

Please note that tagging is different to grouping in that tagging is user defined and does not change (customers in a tag will remain there unless you edit the tag).

Groups are sets of filters and can change depending on your customer behaviour and who falls within the filter criteria.

Uploading from .csv

When you are uploading customer data using a .csv file (spreadsheet) you will have the option of adding the customer to an existing tag or creating a new tag.

To add it to an existing tag just select the tag you want. If you would prefer to create a new tag simply type in the new tag’s name and click the check box next to it (this creates and highlights the tag). Click upload and you are done.

In the platform

You can add customers to a tag at any time. Use the green check box on the left of their names and click the ‘add to tag’ button at the top of the page.

If you want to find a specific customer use the search bar to find them.