Creating repeat business using a stamp card

How do you use a stamp card?

A stamp card is a promotion you can add to your reward programs. Each time a customer scans they can redeem a stamp (or stamps). It is up to you how many stamps equals a reward.

What is a stamp card?

A stamp card is designed to increase repeat visits by creating loyal customers to your business. If a customer buys a product, such as a coffee, each day they are more likely buy this coffee from a. the shop that does great coffee AND b. that shop that does great coffee and they get every 6th coffee there free.

How do I create and add one to my reward program?

Head to ‘Loyalty’ and select ‘+ New’, then ‘Stamp Card’ and fill out the details. Remember to add the correct amount of stamps - for example 11 stamps would be a 'buy 10 get the 11th free' stamp card.

Once you are done, you can either save for later or choose the reward program you wish to attach the stamp card to from the 'reward program' drop down list.