Launching a reward program

Why offer a reward a program?

Giving your customers the option to the register themselves to be part of your reward program is one of the quickest, easiest and best ways to start building a really engaged customer database.

Types of reward program*:

Reward Program

The reward program offers the chance to create a loyalty product where your customers can redeem different promotion using the same code. This code can be on a plastic loyalty card or an app for them to redeem at any point.

The idea of a reward program is to reward your customers for being loyal. There are various ways you can do this including creating a stamp card promotion which offers your customers a prize after redeeming a set amount of times (ie. buy 5 coffees get 1 free)

The reward program also offers you the opportunity to create monthly specials, or surprise your customers with a preview of something new on the menu. Through redemptions you can see who your most engaged customers are and reward them further - these guys are your brand advocates and will be letting their friends know about you.

How do I create a reward program?

With Coniq all you need to do is create your reward program on the platform and decide which promotions you will offer your customers as below.




You can add multiple promotions and add/remove these as you please. This is where you can amend the monthly promotion for example or quickly set up a new promotion to surprise your loyal customers.

Once you have decided on what you are going to offer your customers you can now decide where your reward program is valid.

As shown above you have the choice on whether this reward program is valid at all of your locations or you can select certain ones.

Once saved you will now be able to send your new reward program to your customers. In order to run a reward program such as using a physical loyalty card or mobile application you first need to email the team on 

Once contacted a member of our account management team will get back to you to discuss any design, campaign management and answer any of your questions.


*Tiered Reward Program

The tiered reward program is a customer journey from low tiered loyal customer to a high tiered 'super' customer! To achieve this your customers are being awarded points for each redemption. As your customers collect more points they begin to move through the tiers; each tier offering better promotions.

To find out more about Tiered Reward Programs please speak to your account manager or contact

This is an added feature and requires some custom work.