Managing Tickets in the Support Portal


This article covers details of how to manage tickets through the Coniq Support Portal

My Activities

Once logged onto the Portal, your account name will appear at the top right of the screen. Clicking on this will give some additional options.

Clicking on the ‘MY ACTIVITIES’ option will open a new window showing all tickets that you are marked as the Requester on.

From this menu, you can use the search bar to find any specific tickets or sort by the Status.

Selecting ‘Requests I’m CC’d On’ will change the list to display other tickets not requested by yourself but that you have been added to the CC field for the conservation.

Selecting one of the tickets will open a new window which will display the information on the ticket. This will include any conversations had between the requester and the support team as well as an option to add additional notes to the ticket if it is still open.

If you have been given additional permissions by your Account Manager, the Organization requests button may be displayed. Click on this will allow you to see all tickets raised within your organisation. Please note you are unable to add notes to any tickets that you are not the requester or CC’d onto.