Feature Update: Simplifying Apple Pass Offers

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UPDATE: Apple Wallet Integration

We've made it simple for your customers to add your offers to Apple Wallet. Now, if you've included an offer which can be added as a pass to Apple Wallet, your customers will receive a link that looks just like the one below. 

All they need to do is click the link to have the offer added to their Apple Wallet.
No nonsense, no attachments, just a click, and your customers can shop, eat and redeem. Simple. 
FEATURE: Apple Wallet Branding
With this update, we're also fine tuning our Apple Wallet branding options, here's how it works:
Linking your pass and offers to Apple Wallet is free. However, the free pass comes in a standard, unbranded format. But, with a bit of extra design and tech magic, we can implement your own personalised and unique branding to your pass in Apple Wallet for an additional fee. 
So a bit less Coniq blue and much more of what suits you.


If you would like anymore information on getting your pass and offers in Apple Wallet, or for your own personalised Apple Wallet branding, please get in touch with your account manager.